Care Services

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 On a scheduled basis a qualified technician familiar with your system will:

  • Make sure your Virus Protection is up to date
  • Install all current Microsoft updates and patches
  • Clean up all the system generated files which slow your system
  • Make certain that your computer is running at peak efficiency

Constant Care

With Constant Care™ your Network System and Computers are managed on a Constant Basis for:

  • Security Threats
  • Peak Efficiency
  • Smooth Operation
  • Proper Operating System Updates
  • Updates for all Secondary Software such as Adobe and Java

Constant Care™ is top shelf support for your data systems !!

Constant Care Plus

With Constant Care Plus™ you get everything that Constant Care offers Plus

  • Unlimited Telephone Support for your computer systems.
  • Unlimited Remote Computer Support for computers owned by you.

Constant Care Plus™ is the most complete care available for your data systems !!