Backup Solutions


LLC Corporation Backup Solutions

 WDLogoAs a Western Digital Partner we use Western Digital Backup systems exclusively !!!!!


Onsite Backup

For a reasonable annual fee you receive: 

1. A State of the Art Network Backup System
2. Complete installation and configuration
3. Remote support of your backup system including all updates
4. FREE replacement should a failure occur
5. Microsoft and Apple compatibility
6. Gigabit Network Speed
7. No restriction on number of computers connected
8. No need to purchase the appliance
9. Remote monitoring to assure that you are properly backed up


Offsite (Cloud) Backup

This LLC Corporation Service is billed on an annual basis and includes:
1. Backup amounts as low as 5 GB and as high as 2 TB
2. 24 x 7 Monitoring of your backup functionality
3. Setup, Maintenance, and file retrieval are all included.
4. No restriction on the number of computers connected
5. Full remote support